A bit about me; a bit about my blog

I’m a speech and language therapist, currently in the UK but soon to be working at a University in Australia (where I’ll be known as a speech and language pathologist).

Cliché picture to represent Newcastle (even though this is in Gateshead)I qualified as a speech and language therapist with an MSc in Language Pathology at Newcastle University, UK in 2007 and went straight into doing a PhD which i completed in 2011. My PhD research investigated the semantic representations of verbs in particular how verbs are semantically related to one another. This involved doing lots of cool psychology-type experiments with healthy speakers and I also conducted a speech and language therapy intervention study with people with aphasia.

Random picture that is just here to make this page more excitingWhile in the final year of my PhD research I was also employed by the NHS in the North of Tyne area as a Research Facilitator for speech and language therapy services. My role here was to increase research capacity in NHS speech and language therapy services in NHS Trusts that fell under the North of Tyne catchment area.

I’ve also worked as a clinical educator for speech and language therapy students at Newcastle University, supervising both student planning and student delivery of 1:1 and group therapy for adults with aphasia and related conditions.

I also support Portsmouth FC; this was the day we won the FA Cup in 2008I started this blog as a way to make more use of my self reflections of my continuing professional development activities but it’s gradually developed into me discussing various issues in speech and language therapy possibly with a bias towards discussing evidence based practice.

I also have a dry sense of humour and like baking cakes


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