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Obviously it’s been a while since my last blog post. This has not been deliberate as such, it’s just that things have been a little hectic over the last 12 months while I’ve been making the transition from superstar PhD student who was ready to take over the world to lowly full-time academic (in a new country no less). So having time to think about interesting things to blog about has been challenging to say the least, let alone actually fingers to the keys, or should I say to the touch sensitive screen as I have now joined the ranks of speech therapists/pathologists with a tablet device (not of the “i” variety I hasten to add).

Anyway, recognising that this blog has been lying a bit dormant recently (although surprisingly still receiving a decent number of views all considering), I’m taking the opportunity to revive my blog by “Blogging about research”. This follows an initiative proposed by Rachel Wynn in her blog “Talks just fine” Tales of a “speech” therapist ( The basic premise is that speech therapists/pathologists who blog and who are interested in research, especially in spreading the word about research, combine these interests and post regular blog posts reviewing and appraising recent research – simple.

More detailed information can be found in this specific post at Rachel’s blog and Rachel will also be collating all posts regarding Blogging about research and presenting these in a separate post in her blog.

So, all being well I’ll be posting posts more regularly again and hopefully this will inspire me to once again be inspired to post more broadly than just in relation to the Blogging about research theme – but who knows, lets start walking again before we start running.


About chrissp1980
Currently a lecturer in speech pathology in North Queensland, Australia. I'm lecturing in acquired disorders of speech and language and also attempting to enthuse students in conducting clinically-relevant projects using principles of Evidence-Based Practice. Wish me luck!

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  1. try for research blogging from the other side

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