Tempus fugit, and, My own little service evaluation/improvement exercise

So, it’s obviously been a while since the last post. Two months does go by quite quickly when it’s semester time and there are many things going on at the same time. That’s not to say there hasn’t been the time to blog but when I did have spare time (i.e. my own time) I chose to do things that were a little less productive and probably less useful.

But anyway, in the meantime I had opened a poll to see what the readers of this blog are interested in reading about and therefore what I should attempt to focus my writing on – my attempt to be evidence based (!). The leading topic in this poll was posts around Evidence Based Practice, which I was pleased with for a couple of reasons. Firstly, my previous 3 posts were on this topic so I assume they were well received especially as they attracted some comments and some Twitter interactions. Secondly, I think it demonstrates a desire for SLTs working in both clinical and research settings to attempt to improve their own application of EBP. Now we all know that we should be applying EBP in everything we do but naturally this is sometimes easier said than done so I will be attempting to offer what I can by way of resources and discussion.

Nice graph

Twitpoll results

Other areas that readers were interested in were to do with apps in SLT. Again this is something I’ve covered in a few posts previously and I’m pleased that again these seem to have been received well. Admittedly I did feel a bit apped-out by the time I finished the last of my previous posts on apps but this is an area that I’ve developed quite a strong interest in in a relatively short space of time, even to the point where I’d be keen to have a go at developing some apps – more for my own purposes at the moment but my long term intention may be to develop some apps presenting evidence based therapy exercises (mostly for adults with acquired impairments). I think also, that if I am to continue with discussion around apps, especially if I’m discussing from an EBP angle it will be useful to have a bit of understanding of the actual development process as this should (in my eyes) allow a more constructive approach to any reviews etc as I appreciate that any things that I may currently see as weaknesses in an app may simply be due to a design choice where it may be impossible/impractical/difficult to do it any other way.

Needless to say, as the semester has also recently finished and I’ve completed another semester of clinical education I’m also pleased that this came up in the poll results. This is something that I’ve only been doing for just about two years with students in the Tavistock Aphasia Centre (North East) at Newcastle University (UK) but during this relatively short time I feel I’ve learnt so much, particularly in things to avoid doing, e.g. I’ve learnt I need to be less flexible with students and rather than offering students the opportunity to volunteer to take on responsibilities I should assign them responsibilities – simply because there is a very real chance that no one will volunteer and you’ll end up doing things yourself.

Well that’s about all for this brief update. Also, just to add that I’m not exactly sure when the next post will be. Hopefully there won’t be as long a wait as the previous one but I am in the middle of relocating myself from the UK to Australia to take up a new working position so things may be a bit hectic for a while. I’m hoping to get back into a regular(ish) positing habit as soon as possible though. Same goes for Twitter, have been a bit quiet lately and hoping to bring some interesting things to peoples’ attention again very shortly (if indeed I have been interesting in the first place).


About chrissp1980
Currently a lecturer in speech pathology in North Queensland, Australia. I'm lecturing in acquired disorders of speech and language and also attempting to enthuse students in conducting clinically-relevant projects using principles of Evidence-Based Practice. Wish me luck!

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