Note/Promise to self

Reporting on aphasia/SLT stuffI’ll begin to use this blog to summarise some nice things I read related to aphasia and speech therapy.

Been inspired by excellent Research Digest blog by British Psychological Society. Not intending to be quite as productive and comprehensive as this but it will give me added motivation to write something when other ideas are thin on the ground.

I’ll keep up with other content as well but as I’m struggling to keep up with my plan of 1 blog post per week this will hopefully give me more inspiration.It’ll also encourage me to keep reading and appraising stuff rather than just re-tweeting links to articles and/or printing stuff out and adding them to my ever-growing pile of ‘things to read’.


About chrissp1980
Currently a lecturer in speech pathology in North Queensland, Australia. I'm lecturing in acquired disorders of speech and language and also attempting to enthuse students in conducting clinically-relevant projects using principles of Evidence-Based Practice. Wish me luck!

2 Responses to Note/Promise to self

  1. ldelaforet says:

    For a real life account of aphasia try my blog

    • chrissp1980 says:

      Excellent thank you! I’ve come across your blog before somehow but I managed to lose the link. It’s really interesting and encouraging to read first hand experiences of aphasia. I’ll keep on following :D

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