Something for the weekend sir?

Viva is coming next week. Not so worried about it but still making a to-do list to ensure preparation is under control

  1. Re-read Vigliocco, Vinson, Lewis & Garrett (2004). Representing the meanings of object and action words: The featural and unitary semantic space hypothesis. Cognitive Psychology, 48, 422-488., as this paper puts forward one of the main propositions that my thesis investigates, i.e. that words for objects (nouns) and actions (verbs) can be stored in the same processing system using similar principles of representation within the mental lexicon.
  2. Re-read PhD thesis to remember what’s been done and also to highlight any interesting bits that may be useful to drawn on during the viva (post-it notes aplent probably).
  3. Write a short summary of PhD as a whole and bullet point main themes and  findings of individual chapters.
  4. Prepare some answers to standard questions (e.g. what’s interesting about your work?) that can be predicted and some more specific ones suggested by supervisors.
  5. Think of own questions to ask which will demonstrate enthusiasm for the topic area and desire to continue in this or related areas of research
  6. Try not to develop full blown cold which appears to be in its infancy with possible associated loss or croaky voice

Hopefully this is all achievable in the 97 hours remaining

I'll love it if this plan comes together


About chrissp1980
Currently a lecturer in speech pathology in North Queensland, Australia. I'm lecturing in acquired disorders of speech and language and also attempting to enthuse students in conducting clinically-relevant projects using principles of Evidence-Based Practice. Wish me luck!

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